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PITY PARTY OVER by Stephen Matini

Hi, I am Stephen. I created a podcast called Pity Party Over, dedicated to professionals, teams, and organizations seeking practical ideas for results and happiness. Pity Party Over is when after stumbling on the same issue a million times, we finally get genuinely fed up and decide to take one final step to overcome it. The podcast's name is an invitation to leave a painful situation behind after feeling self-indulgently sorry.


Change, Communication, Conflict, Decision-Making, Diversity, Influence, Innovation, Leadership, Management, Negotiation, Strategy, Teamwork, Time, and Stress.


Leveraging people’s potential and boosting motivation entails integrating a consultative-training approach with honest, kind, authentic conversations. Human-to-Human conversations mean creating space where people can be seen, heard, and acknowledged as whole beings. Carly Anderson is an Australian-American leadership master coach and ICF assessor with +20 years of experience.


Not knowing how to deal with mortality hinders our ability to be compassionate and caring towards others and ourselves. By developing a deeper understanding and awareness of this natural process, we become advocates for our loved ones. Dr. Charlene Shaw is a physician with 20+ years of experience providing care to vulnerable geriatric and terminally ill patients. 


A good strategy questions all certainties and assumptions with a curious, open, and flexible attitude. Strategy is not a rigid plan based on dangerous false assumptions but the smallest set of choices that optimally guide or force other choices. Jessy Hsieh is a Clinical Assistant Professor at New York University Stern School of Business. Jessy’s research interests include strategy, creativity, and education.


Charlie shares his experience helping college students find their voice by overcoming the victim mentality. Accountability is a crucial developmental step for the managers and leaders of tomorrow and an awareness seasoned professionals need to leverage to perform at their best. Charles Panarella is Assistant Director at Florida State University International Programs in Florence, Italy.

guest topics

How do you manage politics?

How do you establish boundaries?

How do you create synergy?

How do you motivate employees?

How do you navigate change?

How do you create accountability?

How do you boost your energy?

How do you find time for yourself?

How do you establish diversity?

How do you manage stakeholders?

How do you innovate effectively?

How do you build effective teams?

about stephen

Stephen Matini is an Italian-American consultant and master coach specializing in leadership and organizational development.

Stephen has worked with mid-sized and Fortune 500 across several industries. Client portfolio includes multinational matrix organizations in the US, EMEA, and APAC regions like Hewlett-Packard, Novartis, Parker Hannifin, Kraft-Heinz, Gucci, Luxottica, and Caritas Internationalis.

Stephen believes that most organizational issues result from breakdowns among critical stakeholders. Effective communication is the key to leveraging corporate profitability, agility, and credibility while optimizing costs and risks.

Since 2011 Stephen has been an adjunct professor of Organizational Communication at New York University.

Stephen holds a Master of Arts in Business Communication from Emerson College and a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Literature, Music & Theatre from the University of Florence, where he graduated with honors.

Stephen is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Stephen is fluent in English and Italian, and holds dual citizenship in US and Italy.


P. +39 338 899 2198

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