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We are an Italian-American learning and organizational consulting firm specializing in leadership and management development located in Florence, Italy.

We operate through a global network of 15K consultants, coaches, facilitators, mentors, trainers, and designers in 151 countries by customizing our programs based on geographical and cultural requirements. 


Wherever you are, we are ready to listen and support you. 


We listen to your needs and expectations, stick to your budget, and say it as it is with your best interest at heart.


We do not use cookie-cutters solutions nor push services you do not need. We have no hidden agendas.

I created ALYGN as a space for executives and managers to address challenges with greater efficiency by connecting with the present moment and their values.

Stephen Matini, Founder

Quiet Forest



General Manager

The Team needs have been from the beginning your main focus. You have actually tailored and implemented the content fo the program by selecting on purpose the appropriate combination of tools and techniques


Process Engineer

Stephen is not just very competent, he has the rare ability to make you deeply think about yourself while talking. Each session was truly fun, interesting and very formative for me.


L&D Manager

Listening, attention to others, motivation, empathy, orientation to learning, constitute his distinctive skills and confirm the profile of a mature, solid, highly experienced and emotionally very skilled professional.


HR Director

Stephen is an attentive and particularly empathic person. He is a talented professional partner who helped the HR Department develop an initiatory path to define the values, the mission, and the Vision of the company.


Sales Manager

Having a coaching program with Stephen has been a useful, interesting and last but not least an extremely pleasant experience.

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