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PITY PARTY OVER by stephen matini

Years ago, while venting my frustration to a couple of friends, I began using the expression “Pity Party Over.” Pity Party Over is when after stumbling on the same issue a million times, you finally get genuinely fed up and decide to take one final step to overcome it. Pity Party Over is what you have learned from a difficult situation in hindsight when it’s finally part of your past and taught you something valuable.

Throughout my career, I have worked with executives, managers, and students, and have had the opportunity to watch how they have learned from their experiences, and courageously built authentic and successful lives. My goal with the blog Pity Party Over is to share practical tips and tools that I have learned in the hope that you can benefit from them and grow. Pity Party Over is where you can pause, learn, and move on.

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